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Returns details for the specified audience.

Table of Contents


Request Headers

Acceptapplication/jsonExpected MIME type of the response body

URI Identifiers

audience-idnumberAudience ID returned as id from /users/{user-id}/surveys

Request Parameters

No parameters are defined for this request.

Request Examples

import requests
import json

uri =
headers = {
    "Accept": "application/json",
response =, headers=headers)

Successful Response

Successful Response HTTP Status Codes

A successful response will have one of the following HTTP Status Codes:

HTTP Status CodeUsage
200: OKThe requested resource was found and returned in the response body

Successful Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/jsonMIME type of the response body

Successful Response Body

idnumberID of the audience.
cxNumberstringCritical Mix's internal project identifier.
isRegisteredboolean* Reserved for future use.
namestringInternal name for the audience.
countrystringTwo letter ISO Code for the country being targeted. Multi-Country studies will have a separate audience for each country needed.
languagestringTwo letter ISO Code for the language being targeted.
anticipatedIRnumberExpected Incidence Rate of the client survey.
anticipatedLOInumberExpected length of interview in minutes.
actualIRnumberActual observed Incidence Rate for the client survey. This may be zero until we have had sufficient traffic to calculate an accurate value.
actualLOInumberActual observed Length of Interview in minutes. This may be zero until we have had sufficient traffic to calculate an accurate value.
completesRemainingintegerNumber of completes currently needed.
expectedEndDatestringDate that survey is expected to close, in format "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS". Example: "2018-12-31T00:00:00".
categorystringCategory of the client survey or target group.
subCategorystring* Reserved for future use.
trueSampleboolean* Obsolete - No longer used
veritybooleanIndicates that Verity validation is required. PII will be collected for all participants if not already known.
piibooleanPII will be collected if not already known for all participants.
segmentstringIndicates if the target audience is B2C or B2B.
contractedCPInumberPrice Critical Mix will pay to you for each completed interview.
statusstringCurrent fielding status of the survey.


Successful Response Examples

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "id": 100001,
    "cxNumber": "CX - 100200",
    "isRegistered": true,
    "name": "B2C - United States - Gen Pop",
    "country": "US",
    "language": "EN",
    "anticipatedIR": 75,
    "anticipatedLOI": 10,
    "actualIR": 68.2,
    "actualLOI": 9,
    "completesRemaining": 120,
    "expectedEndDate": "2018-12-31T00:00:00",
    "category": "General Population",
    "subCategory": null,
    "trueSample": false,
    "verity": false,
    "pii": false,
    "segment": "B2C",
    "contractedCPI": 3.5,
    "status": "OPEN"

Error Response

Refer to the Error Responses section on the Getting Started page for more information about error responses, including details about the Headers and Body.

Error Response HTTP Status Codes

The following HTTP status codes will be used specific to this endpoint:

HTTP Status CodeCodeMessage
404: Not Found404Audience does not exist for ID audience-id

Error Response Examples

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
	"message": "Audience does not exist for ID 100001",
	"code": 404

Change Log

Version Date Comment
Current Version (v. 1) Sep 20, 2018 17:28 Kevin Lirot


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