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Returns a prioritized list of the top n surveys for the specified user.

Table of Contents


Request Headers

Acceptapplication/jsonExpected MIME type of the response body

URI Identifiers

user-idstringYour ID for the user, provided to us when you created the user

Request Parameters

topintegeroptional5Number of surveys requested. Fewer may be returned if there are not enough surveys available to the user to fulfill the full number requested.
ipAddressstringrecommendednoneIf supplied, the IP address will be used to run de-duplication checks against the surveys. This decreases the likelihood of being rejected from the survey.

Request Examples

import requests
import json

uri =
headers = {
    "Accept": "application/json",
response = requests.get(uri, headers=headers, json=payload)

Successful Response

Successful Response HTTP Status Codes

A successful response will have one of the following HTTP Status Codes:

HTTP Status CodeUsage
200: OKThe requested resource was found and returned in the response body

Successful Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/jsonMIME type of the response body

Successful Response Body

The Response is an array of Qualified Surveys. If no surveys are found for the user, an empty array will be returned.

namestringName of the survey, suitable for display to your member
urlstringEntry URL for the survey, specific to the specified user
anticipatedLoiintegerExpected length of interview in minutes
cpinumberAmount Critical Mix will pay to you for a completed interview
QUALIFIEDThe user meets all of our qualifying criteria based on known demos
PRESCREENINGThe user is not disqualified based on known demos. But, additional pre-screening demos are needed to determine qualification.
idintegerCritical Mix's survey identifier (a.k.a. Audience ID)


Successful Response Examples

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        "name": "A New Survey for You!",
        "url": "",
        "anticipatedLOI": 10,
        "cpi": 2.1,
        "status": "QUALIFIED",
        "id": 108828
        "name": "A New Survey for You!",
        "url": "",
        "anticipatedLOI": 20,
        "cpi": 4.5,
        "status": "PRESCREENING",
        "id": 108814

Error Response

Refer to the Error Responses section on the Getting Started page for more information about error responses, including details about the Headers and Body.

Error Response HTTP Status Codes

The following HTTP status codes will be used specific to this endpoint:

HTTP Status CodeUsage
404: Not FoundThe requested user was not found. Try again after adding the user via POST to /users/{user-id}

Error Response Examples

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
	"message": "User not found",
	"code": 2

Change Log

Version Date Comment
Current Version (v. 2) Jan 14, 2019 21:43 Kevin Lirot
v. 1 Sep 20, 2018 17:28 Kevin Lirot


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