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Updates basic information for a member who already exists within our API.

Endpoint Path

PATCH /members/{memberId}


This endpoint requires Authentication.

Response Type

The response status will be 200: OK on success, or an appropriate Error Response.

Request Parameters

This request requires an appropriately encoded request body as defined in the section on making PATCH requests. Valid paths for PATCH are indicated by the PATCH column on the Members resource. 

A PATCH request may apply changes only to a single resource, but may update multiple paths on that resource with one request. For efficiency, you should only PATCH the appropriate paths that have changed from the API's current values for the member.


import requests
import json

uri =
headers = {
  "Authorization": "Basic Y3JpdGljYWxtaXg6dG9wc2VjcmV0",
  "Accept": "application/json",
  "Accept-Version": "1.0"
payload = {
      "op": "replace",
      "path": "address/postalcode",
      "value": "43558"
      "op": "replace",
      "path": "email",
      "value": ""
response = requests.patch(uri, headers=headers, json=payload)


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