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The /members endpoint is available for you to add or update your members in our system. It also allows you to see what information we have collected about your members through our pre-screening process, or to remove members and their associated data.

We do not require you to send your member data to us in advance, unless you plan to utilize any endpoints in which we attempt to evaluate a member for a specific target. However, we do require that you send a unique member identifier to us for each member within the survey URL. The variable name and procedures for doing this will be discussed as a part of your on-boarding process.

All of the API endpoints provided utilize your member id. We do not expose our internal ids to you, and consequently do not require you to map our internal ids to your members. We hope that this will simplify your integration with our API.

By utilizing your member ID through the API and through the target survey URLs, we are able to accurately match your members to their data when they arrive at our site. This simplifies the pre-screening process and provides a better member experience because we will not ask your member to answer any questions for which we already have a stored response. The more data you provide up front, or the more data we collect on repeat visits, the better the experience for your members!

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