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Returns a list of members who will be excluded from this target.

An exclusion list is a set of members who will not be allowed to participate in a specific target based on criteria such as their participation in one or more previous surveys.

Absence of a member in the exclusion list is not a guaranteed qualification. There may be additional screening criteria and quotas that must be met by the member. 

Exclusion lists may be represented in one of two ways.

  1. Direct: A direct list is a discrete list of specific member ids. 
  2. Indirect: An indirect list is a list of other target ids and related survey statuses. Members who have participated in one of the specified targets and have resulted in one of the listed outcomes will be considered to be excluded.

At this time, there is not an endpoint that will allow you to pull a list of member ids associated to an indirect exclusion list. But, you may choose to track participation and outcomes on your side so that you may determine this on your own.

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