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In this section you will learn the basics of how to interact with our API. 

URL and URIs

All requests must be made over HTTPS. 

The production URL for this API is:

We also offer a sandbox or testing URL:


Each endpoint will specify the remainder of its URI using the pattern of /resources/identifier/child-resources/identifer/... 

More Information

  • API VersioningExplains how we manage versioning for the API
  • AuthenticationDescribes the authentication process for requests made to this API
  • RequestsList of all allowed request methods (verbs)
    • GET RequestsFetch a single resource object from the API, or a list of matching resource objects
    • POST RequestsCreates a new resource in the API
  • ResponsesDescription of the basic response models
    • Item ResponsesResponse model for a single item specified by identifier in the request
    • List ResponsesList style response for requests which may return multiple items
    • Error ResponsesConsistent data format for all error responses which provide response bodies
  • Error HandlingExplains how client and server errors are handled by the API
  • Supported Data FormatsLists the data formats supported by the API and explains how to specify a data format in your requests


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